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Scholarship for Travel Blogs 2017

Travel Blogs have done a lot to show the world how wonderful place it is. By making people travel they are actually helping the world understand each other as well as promoting peace within the society. Travel writing is an art. Therefore through our blog we encourage people to write about their travels and make the world a better place.


Web journals are odd imps of the online world. The term was authored in the late 1990s, however a few people began sites with every day, individual updates a couple of years earlier. 1999 was a standard year for the blogger, the term was authored and individuals around the globe began exploring different avenues regarding this better approach for offering their contemplation to the world, all in invert sequential request obviously.


As innovation made it less demanding for bloggers to develop, a course of composing started to fill the between networks until we had the vast, various populace of bloggers we see today. Many web journals are just imperceptibly considered sites, by definition. The look of many locales, including my own, is distinctly unbloglike and keeping in mind that individual musings and impressions are permeated in each post, these destinations ofttimes go up against a greater amount of an instructive part. Whichever way however, sites are a type of web-based social networking as they support and rely on upon perusers to communicate in an online group of fans.

Finding the necessary time and money can present significant barriers to their educational goals.

We are thankful to a lot of travel bloggers who help us promote our work and share our work as well. Therefore OTBT is offering  $1,000 scholarship to bloggers who are willing to promote peace and unity among the world.


To apply, applicants are asked to write a 500+ word essay that shares their story, past experiences, and how the scholarship can help them achieve their goals in the future.

Once all of the submissions have been received, the expert travel bloggers will review the entries and award $1,000 to one applicant who has best demonstrates how the scholarship will help further his or her education and life goals. The scholarship funds can be used for any school related expenses, such as tuition, boarding, supplies, or books.


  • Be currently enrolled in an accredited technical school, college, or university.
  • Present that you have interest in travel and promoting peace in the world;
  • Submit a 500+ word essay.


  • Submit a 500+ word essay by August 1, 2017;
  • Provide their first and last name, address, email address, and phone number at the beginning of the essay;
  • Include a copy of their transcript or any form of verification that they are currently enrolled in classes at an accredited college institution.


  • There is no printed application. All of the information you need is on this page.
  • The contact information you submit is only used for identification purposes and distributing the scholarship to the winner; it will not be distributed to any other parties.
  • We will not accept any CD-ROMs, letters of recommendation, resumes, or other documents.
  • There is STRICTLY NO FEE to apply and avail the scholarship.
  • Do not call asking where to send submissions. Please email them to:


Note: We appreciate the following writing style

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