5 Reasons to Choose Dubai for your Holiday Destination

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5 Reasons to Choose Dubai for your Holiday Destination

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Dubai Holiday

Dubai is one of the best places to choose as a holiday destination. The popular view of a Dubai Holiday talks only about Luxurious Hotels, Expensive Outings and Dessert Safari. Its Time to Change the mindset and know what Dubai really has to offer. Here are five reasons to choose Dubai as your next destination!



The Dubai Adventure

Dubai Holiday Adventure

Are you looking for something fun and exciting? There are several attractions Dubai has to offer, including:

  • Desert Safari’s
  • Skiing and playing with snow at Ski Dubai
  • Defying gravity at iFly Dubai
  • The Dancing Fountains
  • Skydive Dubai

Do you want more? Are you a daredevil, risk taker who always wants adventure? No problem! Dubai has you covered! Head over to Wild Wadi Waterpark and give the Jumeirah Sceirah a try. You will thank us when you experience the floor literally giving way beneath your feet and falling at a speed of 80 km/hr.

The Landscapes of Dubai

Dubai Holiday Landscape

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai is not all artificial. There are some hidden gems kept away for people who prefer nature’s peace over city life. Jabal Jais Mountain is a must for anyone who wants to experience the rough and tough mountains of Dubai, while Al-Qudra lake is the best option if you want to see an oasis surrounded by some greenery and many, many pretty swans. You can also decide to experience the local culture and go for a desert safari.

Downtown Dubai

Dubai boasts of one of the most mesmerising skylines in the world, with such varied and interesting buildings on Sheikh Zayed Road. The skyline looks even more remarkable during sun set with the beautiful multicoloured sky in the background, complementing the skyline.

Don’t forget that Dubai also has the tallest building in the world, which is actually visible from all over the emirate  as it towers 830 meters (or 2,716.5 feet) above the rest of the city. Burj Khalifa’s beautiful and unique architecture coupled with its spectacular height truly makes it one of the wonders of the modern world. Visitors are invited to go to the top, up to level 125, for as low as AED 125/- for adults. If you want to go even higher, you can go to level 148 for AED 350/- and see Dubai from a unique point of view.

Dubai Holiday Downtown

Another must see is The Palm Islands, which are the largest artificial, man made islands in the world, spread over an area of 7 million square meters. You can take the Palm monorail, which is only AED 25/- for a return trip and runs along the “trunk” of the ‘Palm’ and gives you an amazing view of the unique palm shaped structure.

The Food

Dubai Holiday Food

Dubai is also a foodie’s paradise. This city has a very multi cultural society, which is why we not only have a rich variety of world-renowned brands, but also several smaller vendors who provide different cultural dishes.

Try the cheesecakes at Cheesecake factory, the dynamite prawns at PF Changs, the always amazing shawarmas, the delicious ice creams at Cold Stone and the amazing breakfasts at IHOP for an absolutely mouthwatering and lip smacking trip! You may gain a few pounds, but ultimately, it will be worth it.

The Shopping Malls in Dubai!

Dubai Holiday Shopping
Dubai: A Luxury Shopping Experience

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. There is no brand that you will feel is missing in the malls in Dubai. Infact, don’t be surprised if you see some brands that you have never even heard of before! Try to plan your trip so you are here during the Annual Dubai Shopping Festival and you can get some awesome deals.

If you are a shopping diva, Dubai Mall is the place for you, as it is one of the largest malls in the world. This mall has everything, including a mouthwatering Candylicious store, a huge  ice rink, the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, brands, brands, and more brands! But since we can never have enough of shopping, it is a good idea to explore the smaller malls, such as Mall of the Emirates, Mirdif City Center, Deira City Center and Oasis Mall.

Dragon Mart is the place to go if you want a unique shopping experience, and do not want to break the bank trying to buy yourself some cute stuff. The largest China Market in Dubai, Dragon Mart boasts of almost 4000 stalls and has everything, from furniture, to clothes, to fancy gadgets and a lot more!

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