GoPro Black Friday Deals 2017: Find how Travel Experts Capture Memories

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GoPro Black Friday Deals 2017: Find how Travel Experts Capture Memories

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Wouldn’t it be great to travel to anywhere in the world and capture breathtaking HD images?

You can get tonnes of advice on getting to the perfect location, but capturing those magical moments and breathtaking sceneries allow you to relive your memories.

Traveling is fun to do especially when you have a motive behind it, you just don’t wake up one morning and decide to take a trip to no man’s land without having an idea of where you are going and what you are going to do.

The ideal traveling experience should be one that is filled with tons of memories. In the past traveling used to be a bit too exhausting, with you having to pack a ridiculous amount of luggage just for a single trip, and imagine you’re on a trip around the world? Trust me; you definitely want to travel light.

As someone who has traveled to beautiful exotic places around the world, I have found solace in traveling light. Some people travel for the sake of capturing breathtaking images for their travel blogs, while others take that trip to the ideal extreme sports location, while others travel to record adventure memories.

Gopro Blackfriday

When you go on any adventure you sure need to have a Camera lying around somewhere, I know most of us have smartphones like newer versions of the iPhone and Androids, but comparing a shot off An HD cam lens and a Smartphone is a bit beyond reach.

Plain and simple you must have a High Definition Camera when you want to travel, Smart Phone batteries tend to run out faster when you use them for image capturing and video recording.

Now here is where the task lies, there are many versions of Cameras in the market which I avoid because of their weight, remember at the beginning I talked about ‘traveling light’ so going on an adventure, sticking a Huge Camera on a Mountain Bike, Skiing with a large piece of Camera equipment or White Water Rafting with a large camera equipment isn’t so ideal.

Ever since I started going on adventures with my GoPro devices, I have really had an immersive user experience. People who use GoPro devices have attested to the comfortability the GoPro provides them with.

You can comfortably stick your GoPro on your Water Raft, Mountain Bike, Surf Board, Crash Helmet, Kayak etc. and capture amazing memories.


GoPro – What do the experts say

Have you heard about people who are paid to take out amazing travel photos and share them? Yes, they are the travel bloggers of today. It is these people who have to use the best camera gear. They have to always make sure to have the latest equipment to give the best experience to their viewers. Here is what some of the Travel Bloggers have to say:

Marek from says:

Regular cameras are either too unwieldy or too fragile for such situations, so I’ve had my eye on getting a dedicated action camera. I recently purchased a GoPro HERO4 Silver, the current mid-range GoPro model featuring an integrated touchscreen. I took it on a 2-month trip through Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia to see what it could do.

Mathey Karsten from tells us:

In 2010 I left for Latin America to begin a new lifestyle of long-term travel. The original GoPro Hero camera was packed in my backpack. Since then I’ve owned all versions, including my current GoPro Hero 5 Black.

As a professional travel blogger, I’ve been using a GoPro to record travel experiences in all sorts of crazy situations where a regular camera just won’t cut it. Three of my adventure travel images have been featured by GoPro on their social media accounts.

Kristen from adds:

As much as I love my DSLR, I’ve been finding myself using my GoPro Hero 4 Black more and more frequently for my travel photos. I find that for spontaneous travel photography, particularly when you are solo or when you don’t want to hold up the group, the GoPro has several advantages:

 It’s teeny and light

It’s quick and easy to use and can be mounted to just about anything

It’s waterproof and can withstand any type of conditions, allowing you to get shots that wouldn’t be possible otherwise

It’s super easy to take pictures of yourself or your entire group

 The quality from the GoPro Hero 4 is really impressive and the wide-angle allows you to capture the whole scene

Still not convinced? You can read further on:



This Couple’s Travel Story Told Through A GoPro



Now if you are convinced: Find out what is going on in the latest world of GoPro



Gopro Blackfriday

The latest version of the GoPro; the GoPro Hero6 Black and GoPro Fusion are the best smart camera devices on the market that you must buy. If you are an extreme sports person, you definitely need the GoPro Fusion.

The GoPro Fusion is arguably the most versatile creative tool ever made. The Fusion has two lenses, one in the front, and one in the back. With the Fusion, It’s like having multiple cameras shooting in different directions, the Fusion enables you to get beautiful 5.2K footage from a sleek gadget that you can fit in your pocket.

The Fusion is going to enable users capture angles that have never been possible before. The GoPro Fusion also provides you with 360 video Capturing capabilities; the GoPro Fusion comes with Spherical Surround sound allowing you to capture sound in every direction.

We are still waiting for the launch of the GoPro fusion. It is expected to arrive by the end of this year.






It’s waterproof, it’s mountable, it’s got voice control and works with the GoPro app, and it’s a GoPro. The magic behind the Fusion is turning multiple images into a single spherical image. The Fusion provides you with Gimbal-like Stabilization, VR, and OverCapture.

OverCapture is when you take spherical content and frame it to your traditional video. You can turn the camera around into ways that were never possible before with traditional GoPros, you’re capturing everything at once and then just pick and choose the different angles you want after the fact. With one camera you can capture everything and the GoPro app makes it easier than ever to choose your shots and direct your story later. With Fusion, you can achieve stunning visual effects like ‘Angel View’, ‘little planet’, ‘panel flow’ and ‘time shift’. Fusion is the first of its kind and it is ultimately the direction cameras are heading, you shouldn’t have to point at what you want to film, you should just be able to film what you’re experiencing and Fusion makes that possible.


GoPro Hero 6 Black Friday Deal

If you cant wait for the Gopro Fusion, I recommend when you travel or perform extreme sports you should take with you the GoPro Hero6 Black. The Hero6 Black comes with the latest software version v01.51 and it was released September 28th, 2017. The Hero6 is a major upgrade of its Hero5 Black predecessor with doubled processing power.

Thus, Image Stabilization has been improved upon with an enhanced speed in transferring images to smartphones. The price ranges from $499 in the US Amazon (Buy Here) and £499 in the UK on, a sleek GoPro device you must own. The features come fully packed with some geeky smart attributes, like the voice command function, which adds the Wake on Voice setting and allows you to use two distinct voice commands when your Hero6 Black is powered off, feeling like ‘Siri’ already right?

The all-new Hero 6 Black shoots in an amazing 4K at 60fps, 1080p at 240fps quality, “picture perfect”. Other features include an added ability for single photos of 12MP quality and support for Karma. The HERO6 Black is waterproof up to depths of 33 feet or 10 meters. An improved performance adds the High Dynamic Range (HDR) setting for the single photo capture mode, an added support for media playback and camera control on the Karma controller and an added support for the 3.5mm GoPro Microphone Adapter, what this effectively does is that it allows for the HERO6 Black to be used with other third-party microphones.

Another key difference between the HERO6 black and its HERO5 Black predecessor is its slow motion (Slow Mo) capability. The HERO6 Black shoots at a higher frame-per-second rate at both 4k and 1080 much more than the Hero 5, thus making footage smoother when slowed down for effect.
Other improvements and BUG fixes make this the ideal GoPro Camera yet.

GoPro Acessories

Here are some GoPro Fusion and Hero6 Black Video Action Camera accessories I recommend.

• The GoPro Black 1220mAh lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
The GoPro Black 1220mAh lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery can be used as a spare or replacement battery and it works for both the Hero6 Black and GoPro Fusion Camera. It costs $19.99 on the website.

The 3 Way Mount
This ultra-versatile mount can be used mainly in three main ways: as a tripod, extension arm or camera grip. The retractable arm is best suitable for follow-cam footage or POV; this makes it sufficient to capture selfies without having troubles with the mount appearing in shots. The handle doubles as a camera Grip When it is detached from the arm. Within the handle is a lightweight, mini tripod that can be taken out and used on its own or in combination with the handle. The 3 Way Mount Expands to 50.8cm (20in), collapses to 19cm (7.5in). It costs $69.99 on

The Venturecase is a weather resistant soft case. The case can store up to two GoPro cameras and still have room for other accessories, batteries, mounts, remotes, clips and more. The Venturecase zipper is weatherproof as it seals the case from dust and water. The venture case can also store cables and memory cards in an embedded Zip pocket. The Venturecase costs $39.99 on

Hi-Torque Thumbscrew pack
The Hi-Torque Thumbscrew with a unique L-shape design provides you with more leverage. This gives you the opportunity to secure your GoPro tighter & stronger on your mountain bike, Kayak or Hang glider. With the variety of colors available you can set up your GoPro HERO6 Black Camera with a custom and personalized look. It costs $14.99 on

The Lens Pen Compact Lens Cleaner
With the Lens pen compact cleaner, you can clean your GoPro camera Lens comfortably. It has an invisible cleaning compound that helps you to remove blemishes, fingerprints, and dust. It’s quite easy to use, all you need to do is use the flexible chamois cleaning tip to clean the lens, afterward, and you can use the retractable ultra-fine brush to wipe off any residue. Once you’re done you can go shooting clear pictures, a clear lens means a clearer footage from your GoPro. This unit costs $14.99 on the website.

• One final accessory I recommend on the go in this review is the Dual Charge USB power Bank + Solar Charger. Now, this is one accessory I love, most times I pretty much get exhausted looking for a place to charge my GoPro especially when I’m on a hike or on a mountain trail, with this gear, I can pack a lot of punch for my GoPro.
This gear is essential for regions with a frequent power outage. Recently Hurricanes have ravaged the Pacific with Puerto Rico seeing the eye of Category 5 Hurricane Maria pass through it. Images must be taken to show the world and this accessory is very important for your GoPro if you have one and are stuck in a situation like the Hurricane.
You can charge your GoPro up to three times off a single charge on the Dual Charge gear. With Dual USB ports, you can charge more than one device at the same time. The Dual Charge kit instantaneously charges when exposed to solar rays via its Solar Panel. The Dual Charge gear costs $39.99 on the website.

There are so many fun activities you can do with your GoPro Fusion and Hero6 Black, my personal favorite is Hang Gliding. The Fusion is just too perfect for those killer shots and the fact that I can easily upload them to social media via the GoPro App literally blows me out of the water.
There are a lot of fun places you can visit for those amazing shots on your GoPro, here are a couple of really neat locations I recommend;

White Water Rafting
– Green River: Located in Colorado, it extends from Wyoming to Utah for 750miles; you can also get a glimpse of the Dinosaur National Monument.

– Salmon River: This River stretches from Northern California, Oregon to Idaho. The longest segment of 425 miles is located in Idaho and it contains multiple rafting runs.

– Rogue River: Located in southwest Oregon in an area spanning 215 miles extending from the Crater Lake to the Pacific Ocean.

Hang Gliding
– Kitty Hawk: Kitty Hawk is located in North Carolina. Kitty Hawk is a famous destination for flying because Kitty Hawk was where the famous Wright brothers tested their first flight vehicle. The dunes that these brothers leaped off from are a perfect location to go Hang Gliding.

– Rio de Janeiro: Located in Brazil, Rio is an ideal location to go Hang Gliding. Rio has one of the best scenery in the world, with beaches, colorful streets, world-class landmarks and much more. Your catalog is sure going to be bumper when you travel to Rio.

Mountain Bike Trail
– McKenzie River Trail: Located in Oregon, the trail is a tight single-track spanning 26.5 miles. The curve and climb through lush green forest and lava fields, hot springs and bright blue pools make it thrilling for experts and exciting for beginners.

– Munds Wagon Trail: The Munds Wagon trail is Located in Sedona, Arizona. It carves through Arizona’s pristine red rock landscape, 8 miles east off Sedona. Other spots to look out for on the trail are the Merry-Go-Round Rock and the Coconino National Forest.
Well, guys, these are the ideal travel locations and adventure spots around the Globe that you can visit, remember to pack your GoPro gear, we wouldn’t want to miss out on that ‘Killer shot’. Until next time, do remember to be safe when you travel. Keep visiting my blog for latest travel news and travel gear.

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