5 Day-Trips Around Dubai To Plan Your Perfect Dubai Holiday

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5 Day-Trips Around Dubai To Plan Your Perfect Dubai Holiday

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When you arrive in Dubai, it is very common to forget what the country United Arab Emirates has to offer. I always believe traveling to the United Arab Emirates either for your Honeymoon or your Family Travels can be the best experience you can ever have. When you plan a perfect Dubai Holiday, don’t forget to sneak out of the hustle bustle of city life to enjoy the following experiences.

Be awed By The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi: The Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque unquestionably the best Mosque you will see in this country. Whatever your religion may be, it doesn’t change the way that this mosque is a show-stopper and a tour is something you never want to miss.


Please, not that you have to wear decent clothing to get into the mosque. Avoid Skin tight clothing and it’s better for ladies to cover their head with a light scarf. It is very much important to respect the place you visit no matter where you are.

The Sheik Zayed Mosque is named after the late president Sheik Zayed ibn Sultan Al Nahyan. The architecture is inspired by many historic mosques that are carefully structured and designed. The outcome is the biggest and most terrific mosque in the United Arab Emirates today. It took 11 years for the mosque to be finished, from 1996 to 2007. Sadly Sheikh Zayed passed away in 2004 hoping that he could see the finished structure, however his last resting spot is near to the mosque.

Dubai Holidays Sheikh Zayed Mosque


The mosque is worked over a 30-section of the land spread of land and looks mind boggling even from far away. It looks inconceivable regardless of what edge you look at it.t.








Visit The Tallest Mountain In UAE: Jabal Jais

Within 2 Hours from a da trip to Dubai is Jabal Jais, The tallest peak in this country. It’s located in Ras al-Khaimah, the weather in this part of UAE is much cooler and the sunrise at this particular mountain looks spectacular and is an experience you should not miss.

Dubai Holiday Jabal Jais


To begin with, when you touch the base for camping the wind becomes a bit chilly. In winters the temperature at that particular place falls till 4 Degrees and so it’s definitely advised to bring a coat. You can enjoy the drive additionally which has a few sharp turns and a few mountain goats roaming around. The higher you go up, the better you appreciate the view yet the street to the most astounding pinnacle is still in progress.

Get Thrilled in the Largest Rollercoaster in the world at Ferrari World

Auto enthusiasts, begin your thundering motors! Get that haggle to experience wild adrenalin surge, gut-stirring rides, and 100% fun, a joyful day at the Ferrari World amusement stop in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Credit: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is one of the world’s biggest indoor amusement parks. It exhibits Ferrari’s story, plan, and elements 20 rides and attractions, eateries, and offices. The notorious outline of the amusement stop conveys the glistening red rooftop and Ferrari’s insignia, the biggest Ferrari logo at any point made.


Sneak peak into the water world by Snorkeling in Fujairah

A flat out must-do in this perfect Emirate is snorkeling and plunging. The blue-green waters of Fujairah is quite clear, and at times not so deep ( 5-10 meters).

Dubai Holiday

The Al Boom Diving Center at Al Aqqa, Fujairah will take you to the spot via speed boat and their package costs AED 250 per person.

Desert Safari Tour

In my opinion, The abandon areas standout amongst the most extraordinary areas I’ve ever been to, and the safari most certainly utilizes a standout amongst the most life-changing experiences. If you ever choose to go on a desert safari, I would recommend setting yourself up for one hell of a ride. Actually.

Living in Dubai, there are endless possibilities to add to your bucket list.  Since we live here, we have experienced much more than what an average traveler expects. If you are wondering that Dubai can be an expensive city to travel, see our guide to save money in your next adventures. Be Prepared when you come here!

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