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Welcome to our blog ‘Off The Beaten Trails’. We are a young, 20-something, adventure-loving, Muslim couple, who always fantasized about travelling the world and one day we just decided to get ‘Off The Beaten Trails’ and do what we love, because why not?

While we do maintain our jobs, and try to excel in our chosen careers, we use every opportunity we get to visit unique destinations and make the most of our life.

This blog is our attempt to share our adventures with you, and help anyone who wants to travel make the most of their ventures!


Asad and Ismi.



Journey Planner

Giving you just the right amount of details to plan your trip. Easy to follow guides, what to expect, and must see places for your next journey.


Travelling As A Muslim

Halal Food, Being the only muslim in a crowded mall and curios stares of passerby. As a muslim travel bloggers we have faced them all. Once you meet people, its easy to understand their thinking. While travelling, its important to know how to deal with these situations.


Dubai Travel Space

Planning a trip ti Dubai? Stay upto date with the latest Tips on saving money, Planning your perfect honeymoon, or planning your family trip. Our Blog Covers all. You can still live a luxurious holiday without breaking the bank

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